Magnetic NanoMaterials

Preparation, Characterization & Applications

 One-day Seminar, September 27, 2004

National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics, 47 Mangeron Boulevard, Iasi, ROMANIA


National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics Iasi

(Center of Excellence of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research)


Romanian Ministry of Education and Research







H. Chiriac (National Institute of R& D for Technical Physics, Iasi, Romania)

Al. Stancu (Faculty of Physics, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania)

N. Lupu (National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics, Iasi, Romania)




H. Chiriac

N. Lupu

M. Urse


Scientific Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Horia CHIRIAC



Seminar Office:

National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics

47 Mangeron Boulevard

RO-700050 Iasi, PO Box 833 / PO 3


Phone: +40 232 430680

Fax: +40 232 231132







INVITED TALKS (in alphabetical order)


Hywel DAVIES (University of Sheffield, UK)

Recent developments in nanocomposite rare earth-iron-boron hard magnetic alloys”

Tadeusz KULIK (Warsaw University of Technology, POLAND)

“Magnetically soft nanomaterials for high-temperature applications”

Magda LAKATOS-VARSÁNYI (Bay Zoltán Foundation, IMST Budapest, Hungary)

"Electrochemical preparation and characterisation of nanostructured magnetic thin films and multi-layers"

Nicoleta LUPU (NIRDTP Iasi, Romania)

“New magnetic nanomaterials at NIDRTP Iasi: preparation, properties, applications”

Alexandru STANCU (“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, ROMANIA)

"Evaluation of interactions in micro and nanoparticulate systems with FORC diagrams"


“Magnetic and electrical properties of granular [FeCoBN/Si3N4] x n multilayer thin films”

Franco VINAI (IEN Torino, Italy)

“Magnetic properties of bulk nanocrystal and nano granular alloys”




9:00 – 12:00

Morning Session

4 lectures x 45 minutes/each

(40 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for discussion)

12:00 – 14:00



14:00 – 17:00

Afternoon Session

4 lectures x 45 minutes/each

(40 minutes for presentation plus 5 minutes for discussion)

17:00 – 19:30

Poster Session


20:00 – 22:00

Get-together Party










The one-day seminar will be held in Iasi, the most important political, economic and cultural centre of Moldavia and one of the oldest cities in Romania, located at about 400 km north-east of Bucharest. The city of Iasi is situated in the North-East of Romania. Major events in the political and cultural history of Moldavia are connected with the name of this city. Iasi, "the city of great loves", represents a symbol of Romanian history about which Nicolae lorga rightly said "there should be no Romanian who does not know it". Iasi was the capital of the historic Country of Moldova and was Romania's first capital (from 1859-1862). Iasi continued to be the most important cultural centre of the country even after Bucharest became the capital of Romania in 1862. It is in Iasi that the first Romanian university was founded in 1860 during the reign of Al.I. Cuza.


 Aims and Objectives

The seminar is addressed to the scientific community working on magnetic nanomaterials in the field of preparation, characterization, materials research and new ‘high-tech’ applications, covering the most recent developments in these fields. As a forum for novel ideas, the seminar is intended to promote contacts between fundamental research and technological needs for applications. Discussions are aimed also in finding common scientific interests as a base for cooperation and proposals for projects either at the national or European level.


 Scientific Program

The scientific program of the seminar includes invited lectures presented by well-qualified speakers to provide a through inside-view in the key fields of the magnetic nanomaterials and contributed papers. There will be no parallel sessions, and a poster session will be organized during all seminar day with discussions after the oral sessions. In conjunction, a Workshop “Magnetoelastic Materials for Sensing Applications & Innovative Vibration Transducer Systems” will be organized on 28th of September 2004.



Contributions are welcome on the following topics:

(1)    Preparation and processing

(2)    Structure characterization

(3)    Physical and chemical properties

(4)    Magnetic properties

(5)    Applications


 Presentations & Proceedings

The Workshop language will be English. The invited speakers and contributors are invited to submit an abstract (maximum one A4 page), which will appear in the Abstract Book together with the abstracts of the contributions to be presented at the Workshop on September 28th, 2004. The Abstract Book will be delivered to all participants. The Workshop Proceedings will be published on the authors’ request.


Social Programme

A get-together party will be organized on Monday, September 27th, 2004, and Tuesday evening we will invite all our guests to dinner in a special location.

Wednesday morning, we plan a scientific visit in the institute and in the afternoon a visit trip to the most important cultural sights in Iasi.


 Registration Information

Participants are asked to submit their interest to participate to the seminar via email (

The registration fee for contributors is 300.000 ROL and includes abstracts and conference programme booklet, get-together party and coffee breaks.

The dinner fee on September 28 will be paid on-site by the interested contributors.



Created by

N. Lupu