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Amorphous and Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials - ANMM 2005







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  Iaşi, September 19-21, 2005





The biennial workshop on Amorphous and Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials will be held between 19th and 21st of September 2005 in Iasi, Romania, which is the most important political, economic and cultural centre of Moldavia (North-East Region of Romania) and one of the oldest cities in Romania. Major events in the political and cultural history of Moldavia are connected with the name of the city of Iasi. Iasi, "the city of great loves", represents a symbol of Romanian history about which Nicolae lorga rightly said "there should be no Romanian who does not know it".


Iasi City was the capital of the historic Country of Moldova and was Romania's first capital (from 1859-1862). Iasi continued to be the most important cultural centre of the country even after Bucharest became the capital of Romania in 1862. It is in Iasi that the first modern Romanian university was founded in 1860 during the reign of Al.I. Cuza.


Iasi can be reached by plane, by train or by car from Bucharest, which is around 500 km far.




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