3rd International Workshop

Amorphous and Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials - ANMM 2005  







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 Iaşi, September 19-21, 2005


The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published in the Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials (included in the ISI database) after a peer review process ( Invited papers are limited to 6 journal pages, while contributed papers have a limit of 4 journal pages. Please see below the instructions for authors.

Submission of papers:

Authors are invited to send the manuscripts in English. Two hard copies and an electronic version (CD or 3.5 FDD) are required. Every paper must have an abstract with maximum 200 words.

At least three keywords, which characterize the subject of the work, must be specified.

One full page of the Journal contains 54 rows with 95 characters/row (font size 11).

The following structure of a paper is recommended: 1. Introduction, 2. Experimental (Theory, Modeling, ...), 3. Results, 4. Discussion, 5. Conclusions.

References will be consecutively numbered in the text and collected at the end of the paper in the following style for journals, proceedings and books, respectively:

[1] N. Rivier, Phil. Mag., 40 , 859 (1979).

[2] S. R. Ovshinsky, Proc. 7-th Intern. Conf. Liq. Amorph. Semic., Edinburgh, Ed. W.E. Spear, Institute of Physics, Bristol, UK, 1978, p. 519.

[3] N. F. Mott, E. A. Davis, Electron Processes in Non-Crystalline Materials, Clarendon Press, Oxford (1979).

Figures and tables are recommended to be introduced in the text with their legends.

The editor will send every manuscript to two referees for a critical examination. The comments of the referees and the decision of the Editorial Board regarding the publication will be sent to the corresponding authors.

The manuscripts accepted for publication will be published in maximum three months. The corresponding author will receive one free copy of the issue of the Journal where the paper was printed and 10 reprints without charge. The authors can order additional reprints. All rights are reserved by "Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials". Any reproduction or dissemination of the information herein, even as excerpts of any extent, is permitted only by written consent of the Editor-in-Chief.

The manuscripts will be accepted in the first day of the workshop or can be sent prior to the workshop by e-mail ( or or by post to the following address:

Prof. Horia Chiriac

National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics

47 Mangeron Boulevard

PO Box 833, PO 3

RO-700050 Iasi, Romania



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