AJA International ATC-IM Ion Milling System

DC GRIDDED ION SOURCE /AJA International ATC-IM Ion Milling System is equipped with gridded KRI® KDC 40 Ion Source that uses a direct-current (DC) discharge to generate ions, a 6” substrate holder with motorized/programmable +/- 90° tilt angle control, azimuthal rotation, and water cooling. Useful argon ion-beam currents are generated from about 100 eV up to 1,200 eV. The typical argon gas flow is 4-6 sccm, but lower flows can be used with some reduction in ion-generation efficiency.

AJA International ATC-IM Ion Milling System

Technical specifications:

  • Discharge: DC Thermionic (100 V; 2 A)
  • Cathode: 18 V, 20 A
  • Ion Beam Current (lB) (may depend on ion optics): > 100 mA
  • Ion Beam Energy (VB): 100 - 1,200 V
  • Neutralizer: 30 V, 20 A
  • Beam Size @ grid: 4 cm F
  • Beam Type: Collimated, Convergent, Divergent
  • Typical Pressure: < 0.5 mTorr
  • Gases: Ar, Kr, Xe, O2, N2, H2,others
  • Typical flow: 2-10 sccm.

Services: Ion thinning and/or polishing on large surface of the samples for optical and TEM analysis as well as for other applications.