Generally, bipotentiostats and polypotentiostats are apparatus capable of controlling two or more working electrodes. The main feature of the BIPOTENTIOSTAT/GALVANOSTAT HEKA PG 340 is its design as a double potentiostat which allows to control two independent working electrodes inclusive rotating ring-disc electrodes which are essential for the study of the mechanism and kinetics of electrochemical reactions.

Bipotentiostat/Galvanostat HEKA PG 340

Technical specifications: Full computer control; Automatic calibration; Wide current range; Variable hardware filtres.

Power requirements/ AC - power (110 V or 220 V, 5 to 60 Hz).

DC characteristics/Counter electrode:

Potentiostatic mode/Counter electrode:

Compliance voltage: ± 20 V

Potential range: ± 20 V

Output current: ± 2 A

Resolution: 1mA /accuracy: 1mV

Continous power: 20 W

Working electrode: Disk and Ring

Resolution A/D; accuracy: ± 0.05%, 0.5 mV 16384 steps (14 bit)

Input current ranges: ± 1 µA, 10 µA, 100 µA, 1                   mA, 10 mA, 100 mA, 1 A, 10 A

Galvanostatic mode:

Maximum input current: ± 2 A

Current range: ± 1 µA to 10 A in 8 steps

Current resolution: 0.0015% of full range

Maximum current: ± 2A

Minimum current resolution: 30 pA

Minimum resolution: 0.1% of full range

Reference electrode, Potential range: ± 10 V

Services: Electrochemical applications in electroplating, corrosion, etc.