The JAMP-9510F FIELD EMISSION AUGER MICRO PROBE/JEOL Ltd. - combines nanometer scale lateral resolution and analysis depth. An electron gun that achieves both image observation with 3 nm spatial resolution, as well as high-throughput chemical bonding state analysis. Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) presents the capability to detect all elements except for hydrogen (H) and helium (He).


The JAMP-9510F consists of following main components: FE-SEM column; ion gun; hemispherical analyzer (analyzes the chemical bonding state at nano- to micro -areas); goniometer stage and sample loading. Employing a low-aberration condenser lens (in which an electrostatic field and a magnetic field are superposed), combined with a patented ‚in-lens' Schottky field emission gun, the JAMP-9510F obtains very small spot sizes with beam currents up to 200 nA. With the JAMP-9510F, high resolution SEM imaging is possible as well as Auger image analysis and line profile analysis. Also, depth profile analysis can be performed during ion etching.

Floating type ion gun offers the versatility to handle any specimen, such as metals and insulation materials, to obtain composition information and chemical information. The JAMP-9510F features a high performance ion gun for high speed sputtering and low energy charge neutralization.

JAMP-9510F Field Emission Auger Microprobe

Technical specifications:

  • Electron illumination system:
    - SEI resolution:                                      3 nm @ 25 kV, 10 pA
    - Probe diameter for Auger analysis:      8 nm @ 25 kV, 10 pA
    - Accelerating voltage:                            0.5 to 30 kV
    - Probe current:                                      10-11 to 2x10-7 A
    - Magnification:                                       25 to 500.000
  • Auger analysis system:
     - Analyzer:                                              Electrostatic hemispherical analyzer (HSA)
    - Energy resolution (ΔE/E):                     0.05 to 0.6%
    - Sensitivity:                                            840.000 cps (@10 kV 10 nA Cu-LMN)
    - Detection system:                                 Multi-channel detection
  • Ion gun:
    - Ion energy:                                           0.01 to 4 keV
    - Ion current(absorbed current):              2 A @ 3.000 eV, 0.03 A @10 eV
    - Neutralization function:                         built in
    - Specimen stage:                                   X:± 10 mm; Y:± 10 mm; Z:± 6 mm
    - Specimen movement:                           T(tilt): 0 to 90 °; R(rotation): 360° (endless)
  • UHV evacuation system:                         Ultimate pressure: 5x10-8 Pa.

    Services: Compositional analysis and chemical information from surfaces and interfaces.