POTENTIOSTAT VoltaLab 10/230 V

POTENTIOSTAT VOLTALAB 10/230 V is an all-in one system with a multitude of functions. It can be used for Voltametry and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. VoltaLab 10/230 V comprises: PGZ 100 All-in-one Potentiostat; VoltaLab cables for cell connection; Volta Master 4 Electrochemical Software; Resistor capacitor box for VoltaLab line cord 230V Euro.

Potentiostat VoltaLab 10/230 V

Technical specifications:


Electrochemical Impedance:

Compliance voltage: ±30 V

Max.frequency: 100 kHz

Maximum current output: ±1 A

Min. frequency: 1 m Hz

Polarisation voltage: ±1.5 V

Frequencies /decade: 5, 10, 20

Slew rate: 10,000 kV/s

Resolution: 12.5 & 250 µV

Rise time (100% signal): < 1µs

Accuracy (% of range): ± 0.5 %

Bandwidth (-3dB): 800 kHz


Current/Potential autoranging: Yes


Measurements (A/D converters): 16 bits



Services: Electroplating, cyclic voltammetry, corrosion, electrochemical impedance, etc.