A SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (SEM) produces images of different materials by scanning their surface with a focused beam of electrons. The electron beam interacts with atoms in the sample, producing various signals (secondary electrons - SE, reflected or backscattered electrons - BE, characteristic X-rays, photons, etc.) that contain information about the surface topography and composition of the sample. The electron beam is scanned in a raster scan pattern, and the position of the beam is combined with the detected signal to produce an image.

JSM 6390 - Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope basic unit consists of an electron optical column mounted on the main console, a control and display system, a power supply unit, and a pump box. The main console incorporates a vacuum system, and the control and display system incorporates the control panels, keyboard, and display system. The power supply unit is placed at the back of the control and display system. The basic SEM is connected to an EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscope) unit, which allows a characteristic X-ray spectrum to be displayed. An electron beam lithography module (XENOS XP G2) is also attached.

SEM - Model JSM 6390

Technical specifications:

  • Accelerating voltage: 0.5 to 30 kV (53 steps)
                                   (0.5 to 3 kV, 100 V steps; 3 to 30 kV, 1 kV steps)
  • Filament: Pre-centered tungsten hairpin filament
  • Bias voltage: Automatic bias (linked to Acc. V)
  • Resolution: 3.0 nm (30 kV)
  • Magnification: 5× (WD 48 mm or less) to 300,000× (149 steps, digital indication)
                         5× to 8× settable (it is effective only when the condition is set to WD 48 mm and  Acc V 10 kV or less)
  • Scan coil: Automatic magnification correction
  • Image mode: SEI
  • Probe current: Approximately 1 pA to 1 µA
  • Vacuum system: System control - Fully automatic / Ultimate pressure - 0.1 mPa order
  • Specimen stage:
     - Manual type: 5-axes (X,Y, Z, T,R), manual control
     - Specimen movements: X movement - 80 mm
                                         Y movement - 40 mm
                                         Z movement - Eucentric movement range: WD5~48mm
                                                            - Focusing range: WD5~48mm
                                         Tilt (T): -10 to + 90° (Tilt movement differs with specimen holder size)
      - Specimen holder: 10 mm diameter x 10 mm H; 32 mm diameter x 10 mm H
      - Maximum specimen size: 150 mm diameter loadable.

Services: Surface topological/morphological and compositional characterisation of the different materials.