Electrical and Magnetic Characterisation

Electrical and magnetic characterisation: NanoMOKE 2 Surface Magnetic Characterisation System by Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect; Lake Shore VSM 7410 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer: H = 0÷3.2 T; T = 4 ÷1300 K, equipped with MR module (TMR = 4.2÷450 K); QD PPMS-9 Physical Property Measuring System with VSM, a.c. susceptibility, heat capacity, Hall and Seebeck effect and resistivity modules, equipped with hydrostatic pressure cell (15÷30 kbar); Hysteresisgraph HyMac with accessories for measurements in the frequency range 30 Hz-3 kHz; Impedance and materials analysers working in the frequency range 40 Hz-3 GHz; Vector Network Analyser VNA-LN 5230 E (3÷50 GHz) for Ferromagnetic Resonance (FMR) measurements


Lake Shore VSM 7410

QD PPMS-9 Physical Property Measuring System

HyMac Hysteresisgraph