Electron Microscopes

Electron microscopes - Scanning Electron Microscope SEM JEOL JSM 6390 with EDX, CrossBeam System Carl Zeiss NEON40EsB with EDS, EBSD, SE, BSE and In-Lens detector, micromanipulator for TEM samples preparation, plasma cleaning, ion beam nanolithography; Ultra-High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope UHR-TEM with monochromator, energy filter, image corrector, EELS, EDX, Lorentz lens; Portable Scanning Electron Microscope (TESLA BS 343 A); Focused Ion Beam (Carl Zeiss NEON 40 EsB CrossBeam)

SEM JEOL JSM 6390 with EDX

Carl Zeiss NEON 40 EsB CrossBeam

Carl Zeiss LIBRA 200MC UHR-TEM