ATC-2200/AJA INTERNATIONAL, Inc. is a complex equipment used for the preparation, by vacuum deposition, of thin/ultrathin films, in single-layer and multilayers variants, using R.F./D.C. sputtering, electron beam evaporation, and laser ablation evaporation techniques. The ATC 2200 AJA International, Inc. plant consists of six 2”sputter guns (2 DC magnetron guns of 500 W and 4 RF magnetron guns of 300 W) for 6 sputtering targets which can be configured for con-focal deposition, and an e-gun (with 8.9 kV acceleration voltage) with 6 corresponding target pockets (7cc e-beam pockets) in order to deposit metallic and dielectric films on different substrates up to 4″ in diameter. Additionally, ATC 2200 AJA Sputter and Evaporator was equipped with a laser ablation s

ATC 2200 / AJA International, Inc.

Technical specifications:

  • Base pressure: > 5x10-8 Torr
  • Working pressure between 3x10-3 Torr to 4x10-2 Torr
  • Available gas: Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen or combinations thereof
  • Load-lock with a cassette that can hold up to 6 sample holders
  • Samples sizes: from small samples of up to 4” wafers
  • Substrate biasing for substrate pre-cleaning/plasma assisted deposition
  • Uniformity: +/- 0.5% for 4” wafer (sputtering)
  • Substrate rotation facility
  • Substrate heating: up to 850°C
  • Labview controlled system.

Services:   Preparation of ultrathin/thin films, in single layer and multilayer variants, by DC /RF sputtering and thermal evaporation (with electron beam and laser) techniques.