CARL ZEISS OBSERVER D1m is an inverted microscope platform for materials research. It offers all relevant contrasting techniques in reflected and transmitted light, and also offers innovative contrast methods which include circular DIC (C-DIC) and a polarization technique for contrasting oriented structures. This microscope allows the precise manipulation of samples by using an external nanomanipulator.

Carl Zeiss Observer D1m

Inverted microscope provides a quasi-unrestricted specimen space, so that it is possible to examine components and semi-finished products.

Technical specifications:

  • Stand: manual and (coded /semi-motorized) (optional)
  • Light sources: Hal 100 halogen lamp
  • Z-focus drive: manual (2mm/0.2mm)
  • Adjustable vertical stop for Z-drive left (focus stop): manual
  • Power supply: internal
  • Nosepiece: 6-position HD DIC coded
  • Side port (type): 2 or 3 - position manual L/R
  • Display: LCD display.

Services: Morphological/topological studies of the organic and inorganic materials (contours of   morphological entities.