DIFFERENTIAL THERMAL ANALYZER TG/DSC NETZSCH STA 409 PC Luxx is used for the determination of crystallization temperatures, drying loss, chemical transformations following oxidation, temperature resistance of polymers or metal/polymer composite materials, etc. The STA 409 PC Luxx performs thermogravimetric and calorimetric analyses from room temperature (RT) to high temperatures of max. 1650°C. This equipment is designed for simultaneous TG-DSC or simultaneous TG-DTA measurements. Using this equipment a series of organic and inorganic materials can be analysed (metals, alloys, ceramic materials, magnetic clays, polymers, composite metal/polymer materials) for a multitude of interdisciplinary applications (composite catalytic materials for fuel cells and hydrogen storage; magnetic clays for biomedical applications, magnetic carriers for medicine, etc.)

Differential Thermal Analyzer TG/DSC NETZSCH STA 409 PC Luxx

Technical specifications:

  • Temperature range: RT... 1,650°C
  • Heating and cooling rates: 0.01 K/min ... 50 K/min (depends on furnace)
  • TG resolution: 2 µg
  • DSC resolution < 1 µW (depends on sensor)
  • Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing, reducing, static, dynamic
  • Crucibles: Alumina and Platinum
  • Gas flow control for 2 purge gases and 1 protective gas (optional)
  • Mass flow control for 3 gas channels (optional for STA 409 PG)
  • Vacuum-tight assembly up to 10-2 mbar.

Services: Thermogravimetric and calorimetric analyses.