The MAGNIPHY project employs methodologies from many different disciplines in chemistry, physics and materials science. This will enhance its outreach potential to impact a broad trans-European and international audience of experts and wider public, while additionally developing concrete career advancement prospects by positioning the fellow as an independent researcher bridging research fields and professional environments. The expected research outputs will make a positive contribution to the European excellence and competitiveness in water depollution, and with particular emphasis in demonstrating the potential commercial value of developmental visible light photocatalytic system. Recent years showed a growing number of European researchers focusing on applying concepts from chemistry, physics and materials science in developing new photocatalytic solutions.

The present project will broaden the field of expertise of the fellow by adding to the technical knowledge a complementary experience in the design of magnetic materials for applications in an emerging environmental context e.g. effect of the magnetic field on the photocatalytic response of semiconductor nanocomposites activated under visible light for water depollution.

In this context during this fellowship the reseracher will obtain the advanced knowledge in photocatalysis and magnetism with capacity:

(i) to produce advanced nanostructured photocatalytic composites
(ii) to investigate mechanisms and magnetic effects via innovative methods,
(iii) to develop innovative magnetic field assisted photoreactors contributing to the objectives of the Green Deal by providing technological clarifications enabling an economical/efficient alternative solution to the above-mentioned issues.

These cutting-edge technical skills will facilitate the development as a future researcher leader in emerging environmental advanced magneto-photocatalytic technologies. Besides that, more opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines for interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research and will open up the possibility of interacting with most of the European research centres in the field, and therefore open up new career opportunities.