NANO MAGNETO-OPTICAL KERR EFFECT equipment, NanoMOKE 2, is an ultra-high sensitivity magneto-optical magnetometer used for the measurement of magnetic hysteresis loops of magnetic materials. It is sensitive to the longitudinal, transverse and polar magneto-optical Kerr effects and is suitable for measurements of the surface magnetic properties of thin magnetic films and magnetic micro-and nanostructures. NanoMOKE 2 consists of the following components: 1) Magnetic Field System (electromagnet - quadrupole design; power supply; embedded gauss meter); 2) Optical and Image System including laser (l = 635 nm) /laser focusing, sample location using an optical microscope (typical field of view ~300μm), etc.; 3) Control System (built-in computer systems; built-in Software; interface for collecting and analysing data); 4) Others (X-Y-Θ motion sample stage). This equipment offers high sensitivity and high spatial resolution which allows it to be used as a Kerr-microscope, e.g. for magnetic domain imaging.

NANOMOKE 2 surface magnetic characterisation equipment

Technical specifications:

  • Ultra-high sensitivity and stability combined with very low noise: signal changes as small as 0.001% can be detected
  • Magnetic moments: £ 10-12 emu
  • Magnetic field is higher than 1.2T as gap of iron cores is less than 10 mm
  • Power requirements:
       220-240V 8A AC 50Hz single phase or 110V AC 16A 60Hz single phase (specify at time of ordering)
       Power: 750 Watts
  • Laser beam spot size is about 2 µm and this allows hysteresis loops to be measured from small region.

 Services: Surface magnetic characterization of a large variety of particulate and continuous magnetic media materials including micro-and nanowires, micro-and nanopowders, thick and thin films.