Precision Ion Polishing System (Pips)


PRECISION ION POLISHING SYSTEM - Model 691 is used for thinning and/or polishing of samples for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis. The samples are initially pre-thinned by mechanical grinding and polishing or chemical polishing. The instrument is equipped with: two Penning ion guns (PIGs) using argon (Ar) ions for sputtering and polishing; ’’whisperlok’’ stage for fast and simple specimen exchange; specimen holders for double sided; low powered binocular microscope; vacuum system.

Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS) - Model 691

Technical specifications:

Ion source:

  • Ion guns: Two Penning ion guns with miniature rare earth magnets
  • Milling angles: +10° to - 10°. Each gun independently adjustable
  • Ion beam energy: 1.5 keV to 6 keV
  • Beam diameter: 350 µm FWHM at 5 keV - 800 µm FWHM for Broad Beam guns
  • Ion Current Density: 100 mA/cm2 Peak
  • Beam alignment: Precision beam alignment using fluorescent screen

Specimen stage:

  • Sample size: 3 mm to 2.3 mm
  • Mounting: Gatan patent DuoPost (standard) or graphite holder (optional)
  • Viewing: Binocular microscope 40 x or 80 x


  • Dry pumping system - molecular drag pump backed by a 2 Stage diaphragm pump.

Services: Thinning and/or polishing the surface of the samples for optical and TEM analysis.