Optimization of Fe-ETM-Nb-B (ETM = Early Transition Metal = Cr, Ti, Mn) magnetic particles production technologies for cancer therapy - OPTIMAG

FOUNDING SOURCE: Experimental Demonstrative Projects - PN-III-CERC-CO-PED-2-2019

PROJECT CODE: PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-3442


PROJECT DURATION: October 2020 – October 2022



CO - National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics, NIRDTP Iasi


Cancer is responsible for about 25-30% of deaths in developed countries, being the second cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. Systemic therapies, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy have long been considered to be the main way of treatment, but there is a tendency to reduce the negative effects of these methods by applying the treatment to a restricted area, where the tumor is located. Magnetic particles (MPs) have been lately used in biomedicine for magnetic separation, as magnetic carriers for drug delivery, as thermoseeds in magnetic hyperthermia (HT) and, more recently, for their ability to induce apoptosis by mechanical forces. Our MPs of micro/nanometric dimensions from the Fe-ETM-Nb-B system are part of a highly important field of research, developed recently at INCDFT-IFT Iasi. The dimensional and magnetic characteristics of these materials have been highlighted in IFT Iasi and attested through numerous publications. These MPs led to a series of important medical applications especially related to cancer therapy, applications that have been tested by IFT Iasi and confirmed by numerous scientific communications and publications. These particles were obtained at laboratory level, regardless the difficulties related to the afferent technological elements. IFT has applied and obtained a patent for these materials, in Romania and USA, the action being in progress in other countries. The main objective of this project is the integration of the technological steps involved in the production of micro- and nanometric particles based on Fe-ETM -Nb-B in order to achieve a functional assembly of such MPs with characteristics required for medical applications such as hyperthermia, magneto-mechanic effect, drug delivery and coupling with STEM cells for the common action of transport in the body to malignancies as well as validation at the laboratory level of each technological stage and the technology as a whole.


The main objective of this project is the integration of the technological steps involved in the production of Fe-ETM-Nb-B magnetic micro- and nanoparticles, in order to achieve a functional assembly with the characteristics required by various medical applications, such as magnetic hyperthermia, magneto-mechanical effects, drug delivery and coupling with STEM cells for targeting the cancer cells, as well as the validation at the laboratory level of each technological step and of the technology as a whole.


- The selection of alloy compositions from Fe- (Cr, Ti, Mn) -Nb-B family, amorphous alloys and ribbons prepared from the selected compositions, the synthesis of the technological elements for the preparation of the amorphous ribbons.
- Magnetic particles prepared by dry and wet milling, respectively, testing procedures and comparative analysis of data obtained for particle. Synthesis of technological elements for particle preparation.
- Ferrofluids prepared with particles obtained in the project, with the highlighting of their magnetic and stability characteristics.
- Application of the particles obtained in the project in the process of magnetic hyperthermia, in the process of magnetomechanical actuation, in the transport and release of drugs, in the incorporation and displacement of particles by STEM cells.
- Establishing the particles and technological elements of preparation that lead to the best results in the studied applications.
- Integration of established technological elements into a complete final technology. Validation of the final technology for the preparation of Fe- (Cr, Ti, Mn) -Nb-B particles for the 4 agreed medical applications.
- 2 papers will be presented at prestigious international conferences and 2 papers covering results obtained within the project will be sent for publication in prestigious international journals.


2020-2021 - Activity Report Summary_PED_502
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