Magnetic characterisation

Magnetic characterisation of soft and hard magnetic materials using the fluxmetric method, magnetometry (VSM, PPMS) and ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) in the frequency range 10 MHz÷50 GHz; measurement of the magnetization as a function of temperature in the range 4.2÷1300 K; magnetoimpedance measurements; study of the magnetic behaviour of materials as a function of frequency in the ranges 40 Hz÷110 MHz, 1 MHz÷3 GHz, 10 MHz÷50 GHz).

  • Characterisation of magnetic materials in the shape of toroidal cores (d.c. and a.c.)
  • Characterisation of magnetic materials in the shape of melt-spun ribbons and wires (d.c. and a.c.)
  • Characterisation of permanent magnets
  • Tests on magnetic sensors
  • Measurement of the electromagnetic pollution level in the frequency range 5 Hz÷8 GHz
  • Measurement of the magnetoimpedance of amorphous wires in the frequency range 40 Hz÷500 MHz
  • Magnetic characterisation using the VSM and PPMS
  • Magnetoresistance measurements in the temperature range 4.2÷450 K
  • Determination of the magnetoelastic coupling factor by Magnetic Resonance method
  • Measurement of the magnetostriction by Small Angle Magnetization Rotation (SAMR) method and by conventional strain gauge technique
  • High frequency characterisation of magnetic materials by Ferromagnetic Resonance method.