Electromagnetic shielding room

Due to increased environmental electromagnetic pollution, sensitive and accurate measurements are often affected by R.F. noise. ELECTROMAGNETIC SHIELDING ROOM is used in the accurate assessment of the noise level of different types of magnetic devices (e.g. magnetic sensors and sensor networks and magnetic biosensors) by isolating them from the magnetic fields which exist in the surrounding area of the test area, such as Earth's magnetic field, electromagnetic interferences from the atmosphere, from electric power transmission networks, motors and generators, radio frequencies, etc. ELECTROMAGNETIC SHIELDING ROOM includes shielding facilities for d.c. and low frequency a.c. electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic Shielding Room

Technical specifications:

Shielding factors, S

D.C. domain /Frequencies domain




    0.1 Hz


       1 Hz


     10 Hz


   100 Hz


 1,000 Hz

Services:   Determination of resonance frequencies for different types of magnetic sensors, including magnetic biosensors; Accurate evaluation of low magnetic fields generated by living organisms.