Atomic Force Microscope XE-100 AFM

The ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPE AFM XE-100 from Park Systems is a complex equipment used for the study of morphological, topographical, electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties of the materials. The equipment can be also used for nanoindentation in ceramic and polymeric membranes. The AFM XE-100 consists of four primary components: the XE-100 SPM stage, the XE-100 Control Electronics, a computer & monitor, and a video monitor. The XE-100 SPM stage is where actual measurements are made, and the XE100 Control Electronics controls the movement of the XE-100 SPM stage according to the commands from the computer. The Video Monitor displays the image from the optical microscope that is mounted on the XE-100 SPM stage, and it is used to locate the exact spot that is to be measured on the sample surface. It is also used to view the cantilever that will be used to make the measurement.
AFM XE-100 is equipped with 7 modules: MFM for the magnetic domain structure observation; XEL for nanolithography; I-AFM for superficial electrical properties (e.g. electrical conductivity); SThM for the superficial thermal measurements (i.e. thermal conductivity); EFM Van der Waals electrostatic forces measurements; SCM for the measurement of the electrical characteristics (e.g. electrical capacitance); FMM (Force Modulation Microscopy) for the detection of the superficial mechanical properties (adherence, elasticity, shear force). The equipment is installed in antivibration and acoustic insulated chamber.
The AFM equipment has the advantage that the samples do not necessitate special treatments before measurements.

Atomic Force Microscope AFM XE-100

Technical specifications:

  • Scanner:
    - Decoupled XY and Z scanner; Scan range of XY scanners: 50 µm
    - Scan range of Z scanners: 12 µm
  • Stage:
    - Working range of XY stage: 25 mm × 25 mm, manual precision movement
    - Working range of Z stage: 27.5 mm, motorized movement
    - Measureable sample size: 80 mm × 80 mm, 20 mm thick, and up to 500 g
  • Head:
    - Detection of cantilever deflection: Laser Diode - 650 nm //Super Luminescent Diode- 835 nm with low coherency
    - Optical access availability (optional): Accessible solid angle - 58° of cone angle Raman spectroscopy on localized region (Raman AFM)
  • Vision:
    - On-axis vision of sample surface and cantilever
    - Focus range-20 mm, motorized
    - Magnification - 780× (optional 160×; 390×; and 1,500×)
    - Field of view: 480 µm × 360 µm
    - Optical resolution: 1 µm
  • Supporting Mode:
    - Mode True Non-Contact Mode
    - Contact mode.

Services:  Studies on the morphological, 3D topographical, electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties of materials.