X-Ray Diffractometer

X-RAY DIFFRACTOMETER is a measuring instrument for the analysis of the structure of a material from the scattering pattern produced when a beam of radiation such as X-rays interacts with it.

The BRUKER AXS D8-Advance X-RAY DIFFRACTOMETER is a versatile equipment used to determine the crystallographic structure, phase analysis, stress and texture of the different types of materials, with high sensitivity and resolution. The D8 X-RAY DIFFRACTOMETER is equipped with facilities such as: rotating sample stage, Anton Paar TTK low-temperature cell (-180°C ÷ 450°C), high vacuum, inert atmosphere, and relative humidity control, Anton Paar TTK high- temperature cell (up to 1,600°C). The D8 X-RAY DIFFRACTOMETER allows plotting the graphs in parallel configuration (Brag-Brentano) and convergent configuration (Goebel mirror), in-situ with temperature. It is equipped as well with a computer for data analysis, software for structure analysis, inclusive by Rietveld method. The D8 X-RAY DIFFRACTOMETER is additionally equipped with a X-ray Reflectometer for the measurement of thin films thickness.

X-ray Diffractometer BRUKER AXS D8-Advance

Technical specifications:

  • Goniometer
    - Angle positioning: Stepper motors with optical encoders
    - Smallest addressable increment: 0.0001°
    - Instrument alignment: Equal or better than +/- 0.01° over the whole angular range
  • X-tube: with lateral radiation window
  • Anode: Cu, Mo
  • Low temperature cell Anton Paar TTK (-180°C ÷ 450°C), vacuum, atmosphere, and relative humidity control
  • High temperature Anton Paar TTK (up to 1,600°C).

Services: Crystalline structure analysis, phase analysis, stress and texture analysis, grain size analysis.