Bulk Magnetic Materials

Bulk Amophous & Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials

  • FeZrB-based bulk amorphous and FeNbB-based bulk nanocomposite materials, with soft magnetic properties prepared by conventional mould casting technique;
  • FeGa-based polycrystalline bulk materials, with magnetoelastic properties and different 3-D shapes;
  • NdFeB permanent magnets with additions (bars, cylinders, tubes, discs, other 3-D shapes, with millimetre dimensions) prepared by: (i) slow cooling of the melt in Cu moulds using vacuum suction and injection casting techniques; (ii) powder compaction obtained by amorphous/nanocrystalline precursors (ribbons and wires) by SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) technique.

These materials are specially designed for specific applications such as miniaturized magnetic devices, transformers, harvesting systems and converters.