Sensors & Actuators

Magnetic Sensors & Actuators

  • High sensitivity magnetic field sensors based on glass-covered magnetic microwires for sensing of magnetic fields in humans;
  • Implantable sensors based on glass-covered microwires for the remote detection of force, mechanical stress, or deformation in the bone tissue;
  • Acoustic microsensors based on magnetic nanowires;
  • Magnetoelastic sensors based on amorphous magnetic microwires for non-invasive heart pulse wave detection;
  • Temperature sensors which operates based on the magnetic permeability change with temperature of magnetic cores (FeCrNbB alloy with low Curie temperature) based on ribbons of wires;
  • Electromagnetic sensors arrays for evaluation of soil conditions and detection of buried objects;
  • System based on magnetic microwires for the prevention of remote activation of explosives using mobile phones;
  • Energy harvesting device (EHD) based on amorphous ribbons.